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verb. to scroll up. used in Instant Message conversations, generally during an arguement or debate of some kind. one person will tell the other to "scroll up" in reference to something they have said earlier in the conversation, implying that the other person may need to use the scroll bar to go back and re-read what has already been said.

see also "scroll ^" or "^^"
person1: you dont think its fucked up that she did that to him?
person2: OMFG! i just said that like 10 times?!
person1: so do think it is or not....
person2: scroll up!
person2: geez
by Olly J March 13, 2005
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n. a flow; 1. describing the movement of any mass of liquid. see lava flow, glacial flow, etc.

v. to flow; 1. to utilize skilled meter, timing and verbal fluency, usually used to describe the performance of a skilled rapper or poet. 2. to be very good at doing something, to the point that your actions become 'fluid'

adj. flowing; something that is fluid-like, that is moving (or appears to move) like a liquid.
n. 1: Scientist:"we have been tracking the flow of this glacier for the last 3 years now."

v. 1: Olly J:"when i'm on the mic you can watch how I flow,
coming quick with rhymes that never too fast, too slow..."
2: Dude:"you any good at halo2 yet?"
Other dude:"yeah i got it last week and i've been playin non-stop. I can totally flow now"

adj. 1. Police:"we are looking for a suspect in a bright red dress with long flowing blonde hair, we must bring this transvestite to justice
by Olly J May 25, 2005
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The mythical figure said to visit stoners that have been good in the last Weed Year, leaving them presents on 4/20 eve to reward them for their good behavior.

Ganja Claus is most often pictured as a jolly old rasta with long dredlocks, dressed head to toe in green. Rumours state that he flies through the sky on a lawn chair pulled by 8 giant sloths
dude: "you gonna roll another one?"
other dude: "nah we've only got a ten bag left and dan will need a spliff after work..."
dude: "wow man, that's nice of you. I hope Ganja Claus is watching..."
by Olly J October 09, 2007
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adj. When a situation is absolutely and unthinkably bad in some way. Stemming from the words gash (meaning extremely sucky and astronomical (meaning very high in quanity).
matt: "The club will be shut after tonight and will not open for months..."
ollie ken: "This is gashtronomical!!"
by Olly J October 01, 2006
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v. to roach; the act of ripping and rolling up paper, card, or any other suitable material, to be utilized as a roach in a joint, spliff or hand-rolled cigarette.

The roach is a small rolled up piece of paper that is placed at the mouth end of the joint to provide separation from the smokeable contents of the joint so that, toward the end of the joint, the smoker's lips aren't burned. The roach also lends some structural support to the joint (the larger the joint, the larger the roach)
guy1: "man, look at all the party flier's on my car! help me throw them away..."
guy2: "no way dude, save 'em. they'll come in handy for roaching later"
guy1: "werd..."
by Olly J October 21, 2005
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noun. the region of wales, north of newport and cardiff. filled with pikeys, chavs, townies, basically low-class knob ends that love to fight for little to no reason, drink 24 hours a day and pop out new spawn every 9months (or sooner if they've managed to convince more than one girl to bone them)

a total shithole filled with shitheads.

... oh, and they're welsh on top of it all
go into newport on a saturday night and you can see all the chavs that have come down from the valleys fighting in the parks.

the boys from dirty sanchez are from the valleys
by Olly J March 14, 2005
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See you around - like a circle.

Usually said when parting company with someone.
Dude 1: later dude, i gotta jet
Dude 2: see you like a circle...
by Olly J June 14, 2007
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