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A smackhead is a person who is severly dependent on heroin (smack)
You dirty smackhead
by peter peter the foreskin eater January 31, 2003
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After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
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A dirty anti soocial scruff that injects or smokes smack (heroin), normally seen walkin at a rapid pace, probably to get there fix. If seen approach with caution before you batter them.
Check that smack head out, they're scum of the earth.
by Joni Boy July 25, 2005
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A heroin addict, normally someone who shoots or smokes meth. Using the term smack, in the slang because normally heroin causes people to nod out, making someone come up and smack em on the head.
C'mon Charlie! Get up. *Smacks the back of Charlie's head* Quit bein a stupid smackhead! We got shit to do
by Suuuuuheilyyyy October 02, 2017
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a respectable person whos poison of choice is heroin
mum: where did you get that hat from son

kid: a smack head gave it to me out the kindness of his heart
by big willy hall February 26, 2006
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