This word supposedly comes from the verb 'pronounce' but does not in fact exist.
The abstract noun is 'pronunciation' and is widely mispronounced.
'My pronounciation is perfect', declared the student.
'Pronouncing 'pronunciation' as 'pronounciation' is a mispronunciation', his teacher corrected.
by ant July 5, 2004
A cross between "annunciate" and "pronounce" - to speak clearly and correctly so understandable to others (mainly humans).
Dear God Tom - you're mumbling too much - I can't hear you - pronounciate boy, PRONOUNCIATE!
by ERTB December 15, 2007
This word does not exist. It is simply a concatenation of letters, much like 'asdkljrtmn' is.

If you are interested in the proper spelling of the word that these grouped letters resemble however, please see 'Pronunciate'
Using a related form of 'pronounciate':

A: His pronounciation is shocking!
B: ... Whose pronunciation, sorry?
by nickName00800 March 27, 2010
When an adorable Mexican lady wants to say pronounce but gets it slightly wrong, combining pronounce and enunciate.
Submit is a really hard word for me to pronounciate
by Jaredjamesr October 19, 2021
Saying each syllable clearly without guttural slurs
"What did he say ?"
"No idea, he doesn't pronounciate well"
by Bobba Fettish August 14, 2014
the way straight men pronounce acronyms used on the internet, lol = luhl, stfu = stuffoo, etc. only girls pronounce the letters
dude 1: L O L man, i saw this movie-

dude 2: wat r u gay or something? it's pronounced "luhl", noob, learn internet pronounciation
by the commissar June 22, 2009