to disapprove, to dislike mostly used by wrestlers to discribe there stance on a ? because in wrestling defering is give away ur choice
bro wat do u think about that gurl over there?

I defer

Wanna go to get pizza

Defer i want mickey ds
by yourboyQ March 4, 2009
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When a college tells you to bend over in December and then waits till April to shove that pole up your ass.
Being deferred from your Early Decision school is worse than being outright rejected because you end up waiting four more months for nothing.
by C-Breeze March 10, 2007
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Pronouncing the word definately after a long alcoholic day / evening.
You wasted?

Deferibly bro...hic :)
by chemicallymark April 30, 2006
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to tame an feral animal; make domesticated
The kitty must be deferalized before it can be adopted.
by GatorVet1982 December 16, 2011
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Deferred help: Filling a complaint but nothing is done at a later time.
After filing a complaint with eeoc for employment discrimination at work and a few months past they are done with the investigation.

Base on facts and evidence according to eeoc. It’s apodictic to say that gaylord means boxes…

Well I said fuck! “I was so sure I was going to get paid but it’s “Deferred help” .
Case close!!!
by Maliit tt lalake yan April 6, 2022
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