Prison terminology meaning to leave the area hastily.
I was trying to tell ya something, but all you did was burn off.
by ToBIGWillie April 25, 2010
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The act of racing someone down a freeway/motorway and subsequently kicking their ass.
I totally burned off this Audi RS6 in my R8 the other day

I got burned off in my Golf R32 by a dude in a Lambo
by Pulling_power April 18, 2010
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departure of a hangover, clearing of the fog
i'll get with you in a bit, dude; wait till this fog burns off a bit.
by michael foolsley November 24, 2009
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1) Performing oral sex onto a female.
2) Eating our a woman and having your mustache burnt off by the acidic properties of pussy juice.
by Radzid July 4, 2014
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To do something to the extreme. To do something with flare and style. To increase the intensity
The natural leader in the bunch sent his followers off on their mission with a final exclamation: "Burn it off, dudes."
by WestSideLuke January 7, 2007
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When something smells really bad...
"walking down the street"

(jim) "nice day huh?"

(tony) "yeah"

(jim) "you smell that?"

(tony) "its not me"

(jim) "no i think its that dead racoon"

(tony) "damn that really does stink"

(jim) "hell yeah my eyelashes almost burned off"
by NASTYBASH May 18, 2010
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To set fire to ones flatulent gassy fart. Can be done alone or as a party piece. If done with a crowd of mates a competitive element may arise to see who can burn off the longest flame.
"Quick, Lend me your lighter" said Andrew, "I've been on the baked beans, sprouts and Guinness again so stand well back while I burn one off".
by monty3945 February 7, 2013
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