in the brain, mentally
He was alright upstairs, but he was a bit shaky on his feet.
by The Return of Light Joker October 24, 2009
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Female dominant position resulting in loud coital noises due to intensified orgasms.
Heather's neighbor's could hear her, because she was upstairs.
by Cunning_Stunt December 2, 2009
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VERB - An upstairs is when you remove the lid from the back of a toilet tank, and proceed to either piss and/or take a dump (the idea method) right into the clean water and put the lid back on. If done right, the turd will float around in the tank and foul water will come out when the toilet is flushed, and also in case of an emergency, the normally potable water in the tank cannot be consumed.
Dave did an upstairs in our bathroom, so thanks to that asshole now we won't have emergency water when the hurricaine hits.
by swilson January 10, 2006
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People superior to you in your organization (where you work).
A: Hey Daniel, I have some issues here, with the Standard Operating Procedures. Look at the sections... eh... in SOP-11A.1.2. If we stick to that, we're gonna waste considerable time, which we don't have.

B: Oh Bob, I know all that bull. But it's way above my pay grade. You'd have to go upstairs to challenge that.
by genome2k March 30, 2011
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Going "upstairs": you deliberately go upstairs to have physical contact with a significant, and or, not so significant other. Say something we're to happen on a couch, no damage because couch activities are never planned. BUT stairs, you physically go up stairs with intentions of physical contact.. And that my friends is no bueno
"You have a girlfriend, you can't go upstairs!"
by SumSum August 14, 2015
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That’s upstairs is a positive affirmation you say when something happens that makes you wanna thank God, the big boss upstairs. It’s also a way of saying that someone is telling the truth, speaking 100% facts. When this phrase is being said it’s common to point up at the sky.
*after a big night of drinking, back at the house*

Person 1: I’m soooo hungry, is anything even open though?

Person 2: Domino’s delivers until 2AM

Person 1: that’s upstairs *points upward*
by Cowboy Marc March 2, 2019
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A phrase commonly used by people of the Pakistani decent
"I don't want to go up there...up there?...up where...UPSTAIRS?"
by Schwartzy391 July 11, 2008
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