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These kooks have no idea what GNARLY is. Gnarly is when you've gone beyond radical, beyond extreme, it's balls out danger, & or perfection, & or skill or all of that combined.
-Nobody can shred like that guy, he's fuckin gnarly.
-That chick has prefect tits, she's fucking gnarly.
-Pipeline in the winter is fucking GNARLY!
by Sandy's Rippa July 08, 2003
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slang term for something extreme. Used in bad and good cases.

Originated from the word gnarled.
That was a fucking gnarly wreck man, that dudes head flew off.

Did you see that new Local Motion board? It is gnarly.
by raecerex May 06, 2004
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Original from 70's surfspeak - to describe waves that are violently breaking without the form that would render them more rideable. Can also describe less than ideal females.
"I'm bailing on this session-waves are too gnarly" "I had to ditch her friend, she was lookin' gnarly"
by Darrell Hawkins November 24, 2002
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adjective; used to describe anything really far out and amazing, not necessarily lovely; an extraordinary stunt, or event. Also, onomatopoeia.
"That was/is SO gnarly!"
by Jessica February 16, 2004
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When a person or thing that was once beautiful or nice to look upon becomes altered losing the beauty it once had, no longer being desirable due to lack of maintenance.

Also when the trunk of a large tree becomes twisted.
Claire: Have you seen Peter since he came back from the institution?
Aziz: I didn't even recognize him.
Morgan: Neither did I. Dude's looking gnarly!
by Babydoll75 March 22, 2019
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Famous tumblr blogger. He has over 400,000 followers and not a defined theme. He answers most of his asks and his instagram is supjohnny and if you like his three most recent pictures he will like three of yours. Very friendly and hot, a little shy but still perfect.
-Do you follow Gnarly on tumblr?
-Yeah, of course! Do you follow him on instagram? His username is supjohnny.
by Calista aka Callie January 05, 2014
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