to be tormented cruelly,teased unfairly
slated-it was ok for tom to come out and say he was gay everyone said thats fine,even though he was married for 13 years and has a teenage daughter and his wife is heartbroken..but omg did u see olive had an affair with that chap down the village,lets give her a really difficult teasing/lets slate her bout it,even though she not married and is single
by October 29, 2008
To be intoxicated, drunk, or un-sober.
Dude, are you slated or what?
I've been slated since I got here.
We's gon' get slated toNIGHT!
by j to the bizzo May 4, 2005
when someone addresses your negative factors to a large group of people in front of you
Mikayla: Look at Sophie, she always acts like the teachers pet to get 7As
Sophie: I know I'm a suck up, stop slating me!
by Assdhkposwwf23 April 2, 2017
to slate = to cuss, to insult
a slate = an insult
He slated her good
by bi-atch August 24, 2002
A hard metamorphic rock,formed from the sedimentary shale. It progresses through to phyllite, schist, and gneiss.
by The Great Bonzo March 3, 2004
Snobbish emag that publishes articles as if it was an expert. Unfortunately sometimes the expertise is fake. Slate published an article on Dawkins' The Selfish Gene, that repeatedly made it obvious the author had never read Dawkins.
Reading Slate on Dawkins is exactly like reading a creationist on Darwin.
by mrdobolino October 13, 2017
Break the slates for Christ's sake, male slags...
by Bargain Bill April 2, 2011