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1. adj. phraze - to be high, the state of being associated with drug/alcohol use (most commonly used in reference to cannabis intoxication; being stoned

coming from the perceptions you can get when stoned, the feeling that you are in a giant bubble (or a bubble of varying sizes, depending on the situation).

2. adj. phraze - describing a relationship between one or more individuals. If two people are said to be 'in the bubble' with each other, it means they have a certain connection, an understanding. they are on the level with each other.

the bubble is representative of mental connection, not simply sexual or romantic connection (though this may also exist in some cases).
1. *after an hour of smoking...*
dudeA: 'yo dave, you ok over there...?'
dudeB: 'yeah man, i'm in the bubble'
dudeA: 'werd'

2. guy: so you girls are together? wanna 3some ?!
girls: erm... see it's like this: were in the bubble but you're on the outside, so its not going to work out.
guy: wtf... awwe.
by Olly J May 17, 2005
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perscription drug used in the united states to aid individuals with ADHD and ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Comprised of different quantities of several different dextroamphetamines, usually in salt-combo (sachride and sulfate) tab form.

Effects include a heightening of attention, energy and awareness. Also the compulsion to do something, to achieve some task, whether that be writing a book, studying notes, dancing, having a conversation, building something, etc. Drug is also abuse for its narcotic effects.
damn adderall hooks yer shit up nice son! poppin the blue pills unleashes the thrills, energy up the ass, talkin mad shit and raving all night long.

people that take adderall have very tidy houses and bedrooms.
by Olly J February 22, 2005
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Short for "Banging"
1. adj. meaning highly attractive (refering to an object or person)
2. adj. meaning high energy, busy, loud, exciting. (refering to music, a party, etc.)
3. v. to be involved with a gang. present or past tense.
4. v. to have/having/having had sex. present or past tense.
1. "man did you see that girl tom was with... she was bangin!"

2. "the club was bangin last night man, you should have come out"

3. "that fools been straight bangin' since was 13..."

4. "I was bangin this girl from alabama back then..."
by Olly J February 7, 2005
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adj. When a situation is absolutely and unthinkably bad in some way. Stemming from the words gash (meaning extremely sucky and astronomical (meaning very high in quanity).
matt: "The club will be shut after tonight and will not open for months..."
ollie ken: "This is gashtronomical!!"
by Olly J October 1, 2006
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A type of joint or spliff rolled using the backroll method, but finished off by using a lighter to burn off the excess paper, rather than ripping or cutting.

A proper urning backflip (otherwise known as an ultimate burning backflip) can only be performed if the excess paper is lit near to the roach, then held pointing upwards, so that the paper burns upwards, like a wick on a stick of dynamite, all the way up to the end (which should have been loosely twisted). at this point if your timing is perfect, you can twist the joint, point it downwards and begin to toke on it. if you have done it just right you will be able to spark the spliff from the original fire caused by the burning off paper.

you can see that then name burning back flip comes from 1) the backroll and 2) the motions the joint makes as you light/toke it. not only does this look cool but it is also a nicer smoke, as you have removed excess paper that you would have been inhaling
me: "i just busted the ultimate burning backflip man! all that practice paid off!"
dude: "gnarly bro! you must be a professional stoner!"
by Olly J April 4, 2006
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n. a flow; 1. describing the movement of any mass of liquid. see lava flow, glacial flow, etc.

v. to flow; 1. to utilize skilled meter, timing and verbal fluency, usually used to describe the performance of a skilled rapper or poet. 2. to be very good at doing something, to the point that your actions become 'fluid'

adj. flowing; something that is fluid-like, that is moving (or appears to move) like a liquid.
n. 1: Scientist:"we have been tracking the flow of this glacier for the last 3 years now."

v. 1: Olly J:"when i'm on the mic you can watch how I flow,
coming quick with rhymes that never too fast, too slow..."
2: Dude:"you any good at halo2 yet?"
Other dude:"yeah i got it last week and i've been playin non-stop. I can totally flow now"

adj. 1. Police:"we are looking for a suspect in a bright red dress with long flowing blonde hair, we must bring this transvestite to justice
by Olly J May 25, 2005
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common mispelling of "Whales"

also, home land of the welsh. a load of ginger cunts with annoying accents whose national pastimes include picking daffodils, shoving leeks up their arses, sheep shaggin and naming their children "gweneth"
for examples of the shittyness of wales go see "the valleys", north of newport / cardiff.

"n take a bat with ye boyo"
by Olly J February 22, 2005
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