39 definition by Olly J

noun. from English slang terminology. The act of masturbation. v. to masturbate.
"where's jim?"
"probably upstairs cracking one off to some midget porn"
by Olly J February 06, 2005

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adj. English slang terminology. Describing a positive atmosphere of energy, excitement and motion. When used to describe music: large amounts of bass; a "harder" sound (such as drum and bass or hardcore,etc.)

see also bangin
"were you down the club last night? it was stompin man!"
by Olly J February 06, 2005

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1. adj. phraze - to be high, the state of being associated with drug/alcohol use (most commonly used in reference to cannabis intoxication; being stoned

coming from the perceptions you can get when stoned, the feeling that you are in a giant bubble (or a bubble of varying sizes, depending on the situation).

2. adj. phraze - describing a relationship between one or more individuals. If two people are said to be 'in the bubble' with each other, it means they have a certain connection, an understanding. they are on the level with each other.

the bubble is representative of mental connection, not simply sexual or romantic connection (though this may also exist in some cases).
1. *after an hour of smoking...*
dudeA: 'yo dave, you ok over there...?'
dudeB: 'yeah man, i'm in the bubble'
dudeA: 'werd'

2. guy: so you girls are together? wanna 3some ?!
girls: erm... see it's like this: were in the bubble but you're on the outside, so its not going to work out.
guy: wtf... awwe.
by Olly J May 16, 2005

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A type of joint or spliff rolled using the backroll method, but finished off by using a lighter to burn off the excess paper, rather than ripping or cutting.

A proper urning backflip (otherwise known as an ultimate burning backflip) can only be performed if the excess paper is lit near to the roach, then held pointing upwards, so that the paper burns upwards, like a wick on a stick of dynamite, all the way up to the end (which should have been loosely twisted). at this point if your timing is perfect, you can twist the joint, point it downwards and begin to toke on it. if you have done it just right you will be able to spark the spliff from the original fire caused by the burning off paper.

you can see that then name burning back flip comes from 1) the backroll and 2) the motions the joint makes as you light/toke it. not only does this look cool but it is also a nicer smoke, as you have removed excess paper that you would have been inhaling
me: "i just busted the ultimate burning backflip man! all that practice paid off!"
dude: "gnarly bro! you must be a professional stoner!"
by Olly J April 04, 2006

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noun. It's all there in the name. not just a pimp, not just a king, but THE king of all PIMPS. Used as an extremely high praise for someone (usually a male).

Second only to The Pimp God or the God of Pimps.
dude1: "...so he walks out of the bank, head to toe armani and flossin, casually sticks his elbow out to catch the chin of a passing bankrobber, leans over to pick a solid gold ring off the floor, and in the meantime pinches 3 girls asses with his free hand, who then flocked to him to admire his courage and jewlery. it was nuts!"

dude2: "holy shit, that guy must be the king of pimps!"

by Olly J April 04, 2006

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a phrase used to indicate that something with happen when <insert positive thing(s) here> begin to happen. The phrase says 1) that things are going to get better and 2) that is when the mentioned event or state of being will commence.

see also: the going is good good going and how's it going
example 1:
guy: "do you think 3 people will be enough to run an entire company?"
boss: "it's enough to start with, we'll hire more when the going gets good"

example 2:
dude: "yo man, I heard you started dealin' again... you buy yerself a new TV set yet"
other dude: "nah man, I aint ballin yet, but you know i'll hook myself up when the going gets good, dig?"
dude: "werd"
by Olly J June 03, 2005

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verb. to scroll up. used in Instant Message conversations, generally during an arguement or debate of some kind. one person will tell the other to "scroll up" in reference to something they have said earlier in the conversation, implying that the other person may need to use the scroll bar to go back and re-read what has already been said.

see also "scroll ^" or "^^"
person1: you dont think its fucked up that she did that to him?
person2: OMFG! i just said that like 10 times?!
person1: so do think it is or not....
person2: scroll up!
person2: geez
by Olly J March 13, 2005

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