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What immature six-year-olds look up on the internet
Your mommy will not be proud

"Penis" is a very bad word
by Name removed by the NSA November 16, 2013
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Proof that you can take a dump, call it a song, slap some pretty faces on it, and get famous from it.

Also proof that said dump can be fought over by clingy bitches all over the world.
Harry: Come on, Liam, we'll be late!

Liam: Just hold up, I'm writing our next One direction song.

*Takes large and painful dump*
by Name removed by the NSA December 6, 2013
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A person who tries to prove the non-existence of an entity that resides outside of the universe using the laws of the universe
There is nothing wrong with being Atheist. This is just my opinion.
by Name removed by the NSA November 16, 2013
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The manliest person on earth

Facts about Chuck Norris:

-Chuck Norris was born on may 6, 1945. Nazi Germany surrendered the next day.
(Look it up)

-Even after getting his ass kicked by Bruce Lee, he was still the manliest person on earth.
(He still is)

-When Chuck was only a few months old, he got sick and sneezed. That sneeze is now known as Hiroshima.

When he was in his 20's, he sneezed again. That sneeze is now known as Tsar Bomba.

-There was once actually life on mars. Then there was Chuck Norris on mars.

-Many people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

-Chuck Norris won a staring contest with Slenderman.

-Most people cut butter with a knife. Chuck Norris can cut a knife with butter.

-Chuck Norris once played a game of russian roulette with all the bullets in (and went first). He won.

-Chuck Norris was once bitten by a snake. The snake died 2 days later.

-Whenever Chuck Norris steps on a Lego, the Lego cries.

-Chuck Norris acted in Star Wars. His role was the Force.

-Chuck Norris has a gmail account. It is:

-Chuck Norris does not do push-ups; he just pushes the earth down.

-Under his beard, there is only another fist.

- Before the boogyman goes to sleep, he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris.

-When Chuck Norris is bitten by a zombie, the zombie turns into a Chuck Norris.

-Jesus can walk on water. Chuck Norris can swim through land.

-Chuck Norris does not need a GPS. He decides where he is.
Chuck Norris is the most badass motherfucker that has ever lived.
by Name removed by the NSA December 11, 2013
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1. Seeds of the Banana fruit

2. Semen
1. When I was young, I was so picky I would try to take out all the banana seeds from the banana.

2. I planted some banana seeds in her last night.
by Name removed by the NSA December 17, 2013
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A vast network of data that is

40% pornography

30% cat pictures

19% creeps

10% advertisements

10% the word "gay"

1% relevant information

All of which is spied on by the NSA
People keep saying that we should go back to the "Glory days" of the 1950's. But we can't; now we have the internet.
by Name removed by the NSA November 16, 2013
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Wednesday. The "hump" of the week.
Uh oh... Guess what day it is!

Guess. What. Day. It. Is.
Hey, julie, guess what day it is?
Oh come on, I know you can hear me!
What day is it mike?
Lesley, guess what today is!
(It's hump day)

by Name removed by the NSA December 7, 2013
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