Hey me too. If you're bored give a thumbs up!
I'm bored
by Levi........ January 20, 2019
That's why I'm on urban dictionary. I'm also in DAEP. If you don't know what that is, then google it, you dumb a$$.
Jack:I'm bored.
Tom:Then go wank it in the closet.
by William Albaugh May 4, 2018
Well of course you're bored! You're procrastinating so much homework! You should do that. No matter how much you hate it you must do ur homework. STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS
I'm bored
Me too

I'm so bored I'm talking to myself.
by Unikitty mermaid fairy November 7, 2017
1) a statement of just how bored you are.

2)what a man say's when he means "i want sex"
1) I'm bored. fetch me some pot

2) "hey, honey, i'm bored, you wanna stay in tonight?"
by sethkasketch May 17, 2009
If you want to let someone know you want to have sex with them, but don't want to be too direct, you say "I'm bored" and the other person will know you want to spice up your free time.
by Quixote Don November 21, 2019