The strategically orchestrated falsehood perpetrated on a democratic society by its own elected officials; resulting in the normalization and acceptance of tremendously anti-American language, thoughts and deeds, unrepairable for many future generations.
The Contention: The outcome of the 2020 election series, but ONLY the results of the presidential race, were fraudulent, illegal and resulted in the inauguration of an illegitimate executive branch leader.
The Proof: None. After 60+ lawsuits and election challenges in battleground states, exactly NO evidence of systemic fraud, illegal voting or election malfeasance was substantiated.
The biggest lie remains viable and continues to be supported by white supremacy groups, anarchist activists, the fever-dream conspiracy theory Queef-anon delusionists and some horribly misdirected individuals severely lacking critical thinking capabilities.
by YAWA January 30, 2021
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