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The one thing, other than Chuck Norris' foot, that if you see, you immediately know you are going to die
What more is there to say? Its Tsar Bomba
by Name removed by the NSA November 15, 2013
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"Tsar Bomba; slang term, derived from Russian; "Supreme Bomb" In the 1950s the Soviet Union (Communist Russia) detonated the largest thermonuclear fusion explosion of that or any time, 50 megatons = 50 million tons of TNT (250 x Hiroshima/Nagasaki)

A maximum superlative, refers to a major feat, revelation or devastating point or refutation. That which cannot be equaled nor exceeded.
Basketball players chest bump, up by 30 points, after slam dunk, shout 'TSAR BOMBA!" or,

One friend says to another responding to a profound statement, "Tsar Bomba. Seriously"!

A beach beauty like Jessica Simpson walks by admiring males, who all stare and whisper, "Tsar Bomba".
by Dave Sohagi December 10, 2010
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