There is retarded people , then there are fucktarded people . Meaning there is no hope for them they're just fucked. Idiotic people.annoying people . A dumbass.
When someone is doing something or acting some annoying way." OMG you are such a fucktard !" Or " Are you fucktarded?"
by imjustsayin33 February 27, 2020
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When someone is so special and retarded that they don't even deserve your time to say fucking retarded so shorten it down into fucktarded.

Can also be used as a noun, fucktard
Adj: omg my friend is so fucktarded

Noun: ffs you are such a fucktard
by Rolyatekul February 26, 2017
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Being so high on meth that you are so fucked up your retarded.
I did so much that I was fucktarded for days.
by PinkTinkStar December 29, 2016
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When a smart person has a moment were they seem like a fucktard.
I was fucktarded this morning I was wearing my Mario shirt but I called it Mickey mouse.
by Kermit the Capitalist November 29, 2016
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aka: super fucktarded.

when someone is extremely fucking retarded, or that someone is a fucking retard.
"She is super Fucktarded , I mean look at her!"
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When something is beyond retarded. It's like retarded times 10.
That's the most fucktarded show I've ever watched.
by BigMike72 November 19, 2013
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