An Internet phrase for "pop-up window". The annoying windows that open up randomly when you access a webpage. Most popups can be closed with a simple click of the mouse, but some, such as pornography popups, are programmed to open up more popup windows or pull the user into a pop-up loop, or even disable the user's computer.
There are a wide variety of free and commercial software programs available which can block popups. The range of effectiveness varies with each program.
Now it's nearly impossible to surf the Net for ten minutes without encountering a site with at least one porn popup.
by AYB April 29, 2003
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An advertizing paradox. The best way to exacerbate the internet user against your product. One of the major mistakes of electronic communication. Doomed to disappear soon.
The only porn that turns me off is pop up porn...
by Ysengrim January 03, 2004
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The best exuse for watching porn.
"Billy!! What are you doing?!"
"Ma!! I swear it was a pop up!"
by sebastiancee October 28, 2007
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When I went to the website lo and behold I got a popup ad.
by Your mom December 06, 2003
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An internet advertisement that comes in a separate window without warning and without your consent. Some look like the operating system's buttons and asks if you want to scan for popups, which tempts less smarter people to click them which will run an ActiveX control which will install more popups.
A popup ad is like a vacuum cleaner salesman that comes to your door at 1:30 in the morning and dumps ashes on your carpet, then won't pick it up until you buy their vacuum cleaner and pick it up yourself. Meanwhile, the vacuum cleaner is loaded with viruses in the bag and you get sick.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighte February 08, 2009
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