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Sometime between now and infinity
Person 1: "Come over whenever"
Person 2: "When is whenever"
Person 1: "Some time between now and infinity. Or when you feel like it. Which should be some time between now and infinity."
by DomDelirious July 10, 2012
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corrupted use of the word "when," often used by those less educated or those surrounded by less educated people; this is not the definition of the actual, correct, use of whenever as in "Whenever I go to Bills house, I smell something weird"
I saw a snake at 3pm, whenever I went to my friends house yesterday.

You knocked on the door whenever the movie started.
by zingerhoff August 16, 2009
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When NerF says whenever he means: December 24, 2004
Artesh: you said whenever
by Napo December 24, 2004
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