An excellent thing to hide behind while watching Doctor Who.
Gah, the Weeping Angles freak me out! To the sofa!
by Doctor whom? December 26, 2012
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Sofa is the name of a person who has beautiful dark eyes and a smile brighter than any sun. Anyone with the name Sofa will love you forever and ever. Hold on to them though, because once you lose them the pain will feel like nothing you've ever felt before. If you meet someone named Sofa, you will probably be faced with a beautiful person who loves to rant about their favorite TV shows and enjoys helping other people. You can never hate a Sofa; their hearts are too pure.
"See that girl with the radiant smile over there? Her name is probably Sofa."
by axolotl.things December 4, 2020
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A fat chick that is easy.
"Did you see that Jack slept on the sofa last night?" "Yeah he said he thinks he might have left his wallet in between the cushions"
by Bilbo239 October 3, 2012
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a seat with cushions and is comfortable usually in the living room
i sat on a sofa
by suck it Dylan October 24, 2020
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Significant other, friend, or associate. Non-derogatory term for "fag hag."
Friday night my SOFA and I are hitting up the club!
by mfcrunchy2 April 4, 2009
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Sweater (or Sweatshirt) Over Fat Ass.

1. Derisive term for a garment tied around the waist to cover a woman's large ass.

2. An insecure woman attempting to conceal her butt by tying her sleeves around her waist and allowing the body of her sweater or sweatshirt to hang over her rear end.
"Dude, SOFA - 3 o'clock."

"Check out the SOFA on the bremelo over there!"
by ElkTwin April 21, 2006
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Acronym for "Son of a Fucking ASshole;" common misinterpretations include SOB, "son of a bitch" when he's really a son of a fucking asshole.

A man so afflicted with the phenomena has a penchant for irrationally believing oneself morally superior or basic self-esteem issues from childhood.
"How does a person participate in saving the world and then turn around and act like such a gd SOFA?"
"You spiteful SOFA I wish I believed it sooner!"
by RoadBell November 26, 2013
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