(n.) when a lot of really shitty things happen all at once
Paul: I can't rearrange my room, I have a mess everywhere, and I have to write my paper. FUCK!

Joe: What a shitfest!
by TallPaul6533 November 09, 2008
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1) An extremely undesirable or unpleasant situation.

2) An occasion or situation where only bad things are expected to happen, or a situation that is expected to become progressively worse.

3) A monumental clusterfuck.
I have to go to the dmv tomorrow... it's gonna be a real shitfest.
by nrs August 13, 2005
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1. when a situation or a task at hand goes bad.
2. An event that results in a displeasing outcome.
One arrives at a party and finds the situation bad, uncool, boring, lame and/or gay. One would describe the party as a "shitfest". Normally used in context as such, "What a shitfest!"

by N Rich March 08, 2006
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When 2 groups of people get together (for most likely bowling - 5 pin) and get shitty. It's like woodstock except with shit.
joey and Pete bowled three strikes and Kim and Sean only bowled two: as a result, Kim and Sean drink till they shit (ie: shitfest).
by Joey Darrk April 10, 2008
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having a festival of various shits, hersheysquirts, aka diahreahha
Holy cow im having a shit feast!
by Matt Nowatka May 15, 2005
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a week of pure mayhem and total craziness. DJ, no pants, blacklights, jello shots, cowboys and indians, and unlimited booze. Survivors of this week will have hilarious memories, this week may cause broken walls and no memory from the past week.
Dude, are you going to ShitFest year? This is the party of the summer!!!
by DannyBoy1177 February 02, 2010
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life, shittiest time ever, when god pulls down his pants and takes a giant dump on your face, seeing sheara singer
I saw sheara singer today, it was such a shitfest
by Wankmaster Teapot, Yo October 09, 2003
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