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The UNSC main military planet, close to earth, and suffered a sneak attack from the covenant.
Thats it, we've lost REACH
by Mustache Man February 26, 2005

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What Sarge calls the Chupacabra while making fun of grif
Sarge-See these two tow hooks...they look like tusks...and what kind of animal has tusks?
Grif-a walrus
Sarge-son, I thought I told you to stop making up animals. So if anyone has anymore Mythical creatures to name the jeep, Im sticking with Warthog....how bout it grif?
Grif-No sir
Sarge-You sure? come on, bigfoot
Grif...ahhh...no sir
Grif-Shutup, he doesn't need help
Sarge-Hey simmons, whats the name of that mexican lizard, eats all the goats/
Simmons-Uhh, I believe you are thinking of the chupacabra sir
Sarge-Hey grif...chupathingy...i like it, it has a ring to it
by Mustache Man March 03, 2005

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An internet series about two sides fighting a pointless battle for a pointless war in the middle of a box canyon. There are the reds, Sarge, Grif, Simmons, and Donut, then there are the blues Church, Tex, Tucker, and Caboose.
O'Mally-Into the abyss! Never to be seen again! unless I want to be seen, in that case, if I see you before you see me...look out.
Sheila-he took lopez!
Grif-Where is he
O'Mally-up here you fools!
donut-that guy is wicked fast!
Doc-thanks! I learned it in track in highschool, it was the least competitive sport i could find!
Grif-track sucks!
O'Mally-You suck!
by Mustache Man March 03, 2005

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An acient parasitic race housed on Halo. It consists of three forms, the Infection form, the combat form, and the carrier form. The infenction form latches on to a host, inserts a needle like appendage, forces a match in the hosts DNA, and mutates the host. If the host was in tact at the time of "consumption", it is mutated into a combat form. Superior to its normal counter part, the combat form posseses superior strength and lightning speed. The hosts head is pushed back, allowing sensory organs to form, and the hosts fingers are turned into whips. If the host was to badly damaged, it turns into a combat form. The hosts head swells enourmesly, and fills with fluid and infection forms. When killed or near an opponent, the head explodes, showering the area with flood.
Cortana-Dust and echos, were all thats left....we did what we had to do, a covenant armada...and the flood...gone"
by Mustache Man February 26, 2005

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A person that owns Halo and beats in 5 hours. then beats it again...and again....and again. Then goes to school and brags to his friends, but no one cares.
Kid: I beat Halo 2 seven times this weekend!
Kid 2:....dude, your obsessed.
by Mustache Man March 29, 2005

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Also stands for Fooly Cooly, which is an anime show that is incredibly hard to comprehend, ecspecially at 1:30 in the morning, if you buy all three of the DVDs, and watch them in order, you will understand it ( I do...and it is incredibly hard to explain to other people), but if you watch more than two out of order, your head will explode. It is basically a part of life for a boy named Naota, who is....I guess...starting to enter puberty but he is in Elementary school...so I highly doubt it. Naotas older brother went to the US for baseball, and now his ex-girlfriend Mamimi, flirts with Naota alot. While walking, Naota is hit by a mysterious women on a Vespa, and she then gives him moutn to mouth. Later, Canti the robot pops out of his head. Anyway, the giant iron in the center of the city is Medical Meccanica, and if activated, it will steam roll the planet, flattening it out. BUt Haruko says yo Naota "Your head is the only one htat works", because his head is a sort of....worm hole, which, when Haruko hits him with her guitar, spawns a horn, which then turns into some....robot...which she then destroys...which is confusing. Going back, if Lord Canti eats Naota, he turns red, and gets a super charge, and in the 5th episode (Brittle Bullet), you discover that red Canti, is actually Atamyst (don't know how to spell it), which would normally be Harukos arch enemy, but she fell in love with hem. In that same episode, a giant hand comes out of Naotas head, and when it was defeated (coolest....fight....ever), it became inactive, the terminal core removed from it. A secret government agency is on to Harukos plans (she is an alien), and plans to stop her from getting what she wants, thus destroying the planet. So mamimi finds the terminal core, which fuses with Canti (who is a component of the core), who the eats Naota, and re-activates the giant hand, which would turn on the iron, but before the hand can grip the iron, Naota emerges with Atamysts power, and starts a guitar battle with Haruko, then Naota admits he loves her, then a bird (atamyst) emerges from his head, sucks up the hand, and flies away. Haruko, still seeking Atamyst, then leaves Naota and Earth. That is the end and story of Fooly Cooly. It is one of the best damn shows ever created, that and FullMetal Alchemist
Haruko-The game already started
Naota-Im not going
Hatuko-...It's Cantis first baseball game
Mamimi-....CANTI! *jumps on Haruos scooter and drives away*

Me-...waht the crap just happened?
by Mustache Man August 11, 2005

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A series about 2 teen agers captured by the evil Dr.Poque to beta test his sinister console the Mega 64. It basically downloads old games to a players brain, making the experience all to real. They are 2 guys running through Clafornia dresses up as video game charecters. Some examples are Ghost and Goblins, dig dug, tetris, and Banjo and Kazooie. It is fricken awesome, and asides from red vs blue and lewis black its the coolest thing ever.
"Whats this robot for"
Marcus-"Ill tell you what it doesn't do...and that is kill people!"

Video Game designer-"I am a little hungry"
Marcus-"there is a muffin over there"
Dr.Poque from behind wall-...No! No!
Marcus-NOOOOO!!!!! (marcus...who is a puppet...flys at the man, hitting the muffin from him)
by Mustache Man March 18, 2005

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