When someone is always completely in love and happy about something or someone.
Jonah is completely obsessed with his girlfriend. I wish I had that.
by Someone obsessed August 8, 2017
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When some guy/girl likes some guy/girl so much all they think of is that person, they even dream about them. And they even admit that they do that.
Helene is so obsessed with Josh that all she can think of is Josh, dream about Josh, but still insists that they're not. How sad
by booder69 December 2, 2009
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When one only cares about doing a certain thing and can only think about that thing.
Man, Keilie and Jessica are too obsessed with One Tree Hill!
by Keikat July 1, 2013
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Is just a word the lazy use to describe the Dedicated.
Dedicated: I deadlift 315 yesterday!

Lazy: Man, your obsessed.
Dedicated: Your just jealous because you cant even curl the bar.
by Strong Chuy July 26, 2009
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A 2009 single by Mariah Carey expressing her disgust for American rapper/drug advocate Eminem.
Why you so obsessed with me? Boy I wanna know
by Rihanyce May 22, 2010
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its an adjective. used to descrIbe someone who's thoughts are being controlLed or largely influenced by a greater influence. can be used tO describe a person who oVer doEs things or Can't let go Of the though of something or someone.
hey, have you seen that guy across the street? he mows his Lawn every day. it is Like hE is obsessEd with his yard! he does a very Nice job though.
by raeforcel May 29, 2010
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A person that owns Halo and beats in 5 hours. then beats it again...and again....and again. Then goes to school and brags to his friends, but no one cares.
Kid: I beat Halo 2 seven times this weekend!
Kid 2:....dude, your obsessed.
by Mustache Man March 29, 2005
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