Most hilarious flash animation ever. If you want to see it go to
Hokay. so. here is the earth.
s'chillin. damn, that is a sweet earth you might say. ROUND!

alright, ruling out the ice caps melting, meteors becoming crashed into us, the ozone layer leaving and the sun exploding, we are definitely going to blow ourselves up.

hokay so basically we've got
China France India Israel Pakistan Russia the UK and US. with nukes.
we've got about 26 hundred more than anybody else, whatever. hanyway
one day we decides those Chinese sons of a bitches are going down.

So we launch a nuke at china.
while its on its way china is like
"shit shit who the fuck is shooting us... oh well, fire missiles!"

Then France is like
"Shit guys, we got the missiles are coming, fire our shit"
"but i am le tired."
"well have a nap, THEN FIRE ZE MISSLES!"

Meanwhile Australia is down there like 'WTF mates ^^'

India Israel and Pakistan launch their shit, so now we've got missiles flying everywhere passing each other.

Russia's like "AHH motherland"

Then England is like
"Its about that time eh chaps?... Right o"

So now the US is like "fuck we're dumb asses"
Canada is like 'whats going on EH?'
Australia is still like "WTF ^^"
mars is laughing at us, and some huge meteor is like 'well fuck that.'

So now we've got nuclear winter.
everyone is dead except Australia.
And they're still like 'WTF?'
But they'll be dead soon. fucking kangaroos

But. assuming we don't blow ourselves up, us Californians just have to worry about California breaking off from the United States to go hang with Hawaii. Alaska can come too.

by Ka November 6, 2004
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awesome cartoon on ebaumsworld under animation

About how the world will soon end b/c of the USA andnukes
"Man, the end of the world is so fuckin hilarious, i fuckin pissed my pants and almost shit in them, BIOTCH!"
by this guy June 9, 2004
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the day this pathetic, war-infested,money driven world ceases to exist.
Why are people so afraid of it? Sure it's not a good thing but mankind's corrupt reign will be done.
by adrian October 23, 2004
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every day is the end of the world, and every morning is the beginning.
when you woke up this morning, it was a new world. it was the end of the world last night when you went to bed. What are you doing wasting all this time on the internet?
by Jasonism March 14, 2006
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2000, 2002, 2012, 2016, etc is every year people think the world would end. Well we are still here and i think everybody is tired of hearing the same bullshit every few years so no one thinks its going to end in 2016
end of the world a time where people think we are all going to die
by Beanie Buddy January 9, 2015
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As fortold by Philip DeFranco, The world will end it 2012 when the Vampire Robot Nazis who are also Zombies attack. The obvious way to stop this attack would be Chuck Norris, but unfortunately he too is a Vampire robot Nazi who is also a zombie.

In the struggle to save the world, dolphins with laserbeams on their heads will team up with Flying Raptor Jesus to defeat Chuck Norris and the Vampire Robot Nazis who are also zombies. The battle with be close, but in the end we will lose and everyone will die. The end.
"Everyone knows the only thing that can defeat a vampire robot nazi that is also a zombie AND Chuck Norris is flying Raptor Jesus. And I dont mean to be a cynic or anything but I dont think Flying raptor jesus is going to come to our aid" - The End of the World
by Var Effing Sinler July 23, 2009
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