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A candy made of 90% sugar and 10% crayon wax that appears in stores in the U.S. around Halloween time. The shape and color are supposed to resemble a kernel of corn. Upon seeing these make their once a year appearance, you are inspired to eat a whole package of them, after which you are so disgusted by them that you can't touch them for another year. They are the Halloween version of the Valentine's day conversation hearts.
Mmmmm candy corn, gimme those *snarf snarf snarf*

*puking sounds*

Ohh gawd, may I never see another candy corn.
by Casey May 23, 2006
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The type of girl you see nowadays with bleach blonde hair, and super spray on tans, take on the look of a candy corn yellow-top orange bottom
Dude 1: hey man you see all those chicks at the beach?
Dude 2: yeah man i did but they were all candy corn to me, dime a dozen
by HansPanzer August 31, 2009
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candy corn is when your having anal intercourse and upon removal of ones penis, there is an undigested piece of corn on the head of the penis. instead of wiping it off it is then fed to the unknowing partner.
Do you like candy corn? asked Pervis
by AceKill37 August 21, 2014
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Supposeably a "candy". Its colored in patterns of white, orange, and black, and it looks identical to those door-stopping wedges. Although the candy has been served for.... fuck, I don't know, decades? Still its also known as one of the most horribly tasting, and ignored treats, of all time!
Even comedians said it, "Hmmm, candy corn? *eats and makes a negative facial emotion* IT TASTES LIKE CRAP! *crowd bursts into laughter, clap clap clap*"

And this isn't some young upstart, this is a old guy, which further proves that candy corn is a salty-fatty tasting orange enigma that lived for decades.
by Chang Tan October 31, 2003
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The reason why it tastes like shit is because the candy that's left over is recycled for next Halloween. Hell, they even take the uneaten candy corn from the trash and wipe off the spit and crap.
I tried the candy corn at the party, and I puked up blood because it had expired to the point where the bacteria on it evolved into flesh-eating pathogens.
by sarcastic November 03, 2003
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