An absurdly overrated and morbidly dull and boring web show. Watched mostly by obsessive fanboys/girls
z0mG red vs blue iz teh b3st fukin sh0w eva b1ch!!!!!11!11
by abcdef123happy man December 13, 2009
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A wholly unfunny, unoriginal, and retarded piece of flaming shit made by a couple of douchebags who lounge around all day with their shitloads of cash that they get from stupid fans that think they care at all about them instead of actually making the 5 minute pieces of said flaming shit. Srsly now they only just reached 100 episodes after running it since 2004, what the fuck. It was kind of funny at first but that was fucked up when they decided to make a ludicrously stupid story that came to a "we couldnt finish what we started" kind of gay ending. The forums were pretty good too till they got fucked up by the flood of stupid Galo 2 mainstream fanboys and the moderators became Tyrannical fucks.
Normal person: Hey lets go do something outside.

C@b0os3F@n36: Fuck that I need to sit on Red vs Blue so I can
wait for the next episode that I paid $10 to get
one day earlier. LOL Donut said something gay
and Church is being a dick HAHAHHAHAHALOL.
by WTF is a Rosie! August 24, 2007
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A very poor attempt to make comedy from a game using clones of Master Chief. Horrible acting, here is why:

Gus - A freakin' chinese 4 foot nerd.
geoff - Pot smoking addict. Been doing it for 8 years.
Jason - Likes to drown himself in soda.
Burnie - A Texas redneck.
Dan - Ex. hax0r for the pie crew.
Kathleen - A wannabe slut.
Joel - Only normal guy from rvb crew.
Matt - Another Texas redneck.
Yomary - Likes to fool around with Geoff.

red vs blue was a thrown out idea in Hollywood. Thats where Gus was kicked in the balls by a thug because he started to attack the manager viciously.

by Superman22 April 23, 2005
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A web series in which XBox's Halo game sequences are recorded and voiced over as a sitcom.

By the way, Sarge is right. There is no motion capture in Red vs Blue. Take that, Prof Chaos!
Tejas! Tejas!

The Puma.

Is this Blue Command?
Oh, yeah, man! Sure! Totally! What's going on?
You sure? The Blue Command Base?
Hey dude, take it easy. You called me. I didn't call youuuuu....
by Heinous "Church" Dude February 3, 2004
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The best online show ever! Its so funny, I watch it almost everyday. Caboose, is so cool. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do before deathstorm a.k.a Sarge comes and slits your throat! And your should buy the second season DVD, because it has Caboose tell you what happend in the last season...and of course its completely wrong!
Caboose: " Sargent, look... a sleeping person!"

Sarge : "What? Oh macaroon, he's not sleeping son, he's dead."

Caboose :" Oh good, at first... I thought that was me... Because, I am blue and I like to sleep. But if he is dead, that can not be me... that would be silly."

Caboose :" It must be nap time. But who has nap time now? Nap time comes before pants time, not after... I think these people are just making up times!"
by Private O' Mally February 18, 2005
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The funniest freakin thing on the net. Pay no attention to Gio as he is probably a mofo and douchebag who is to much of a n00b to understand it.
Simmons: Why warthog, sir?
Sarge: Cause, M12LRV is to hard to say in conversation, son.
Grif: Yeah, but why warhog? I think it looks more like a giant cat. Like a puma.
Sarge: And what in sam hell is a puma?
Simmons: You mean like the shoe company?
Grif: No, I mean like a puma. It's a giant cat.
Sarge: Youre making that up.
by CableGuy May 5, 2004
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^go eat your steroids douchebag

An internet series that brought widespread acceptance to Machinima, it utilises the bungee games "halo: combat evolved" and "Halo 2" to act out scripts written by ametuer comdeians.

Or, in short, the meaning of life.
red vs blue is better than pie, and pie is really fucken good!
by Inquisition November 30, 2006
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