1) A large, generally flat sheet of metal or synthetic alloys worn to prevent the bodily penetration of implements, traditionally sharp and moving at high velocities.

2) Anything worn for protection.
The chastity belt became armor for her virginity when the rapist came.
by Unbridled Scissors September 30, 2004
Jordan: joelie do u have armor?

Joel: of course safety first!
by joel69696969696 May 25, 2009
another word for a woman or mans body. Usually a reference to everything below the neck
She had some nice armor, but a bad helmet
by he theh November 19, 2005
To be ready for something, usually in the sense of having prepared for such a situation in advance.
That chick tried to dis Caleb bad, but he was totally armored for that kinda shit.
by Peter D. October 19, 2005
felling armored, indestructable, and flat out badass
Holy Shit man your looking Armorous today, i wouldn'twanna fuck with you...
by ethanaterr and fubartities December 27, 2010
A slang term in reference to a muscle shirt or wife beater. This usage came from young white trash males with enough muscle build to use the sarcasm of a wife beater being enough protection for battles of any kind. Battles including brawling, a long rough night of drinking, unprotected sex, drunk driving, and slapping around unruly females.
1.)Kaustik geared up with his armor to ready himself for another night of belligerence & debauchery.

2.)The crew sported their armor with pride and ready for conflict.
by xaosneo May 25, 2007
A combat-armor is a wearable apparel used to protect its wearer from impacts, such as bullets or bludgeoning force. A combat-armor generally is sold/distributed with an accompaining helmet as part of a complete kit, and thus the combat-armor refer to the combat-vest and combat-helmet, as well as any other itens that may come included in a kit, such as gauntlets or combat-boots.
The army issued PASGT vest (now outdated) is a form of combat armor consisting of the vest, boots, helmet (separately classified as simply the PASGT helmet). PASGT stands for Personal armor system for ground troops.
by ChaoticNeutral2 August 9, 2011