to do really well on something - antonym of bombed
I destroyed that test! President's List, here I come!!
by A February 8, 2002
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Verb, meaning to have very hard sex, or go to town on a woman usually in derogatory fashion with the bloke deriving most of the sexual pleasure and often wishing to inflict some element of short term pain, internal damage or other adverse physical condition on the woman e.g. hoping the woman will bleed or walk ‘bow legged’ for several days afterwards.
1. I’ll destroy you tonight, dear.
2. Did you give her one last night? Yes, I completely destroyed her.
by Neil99 March 17, 2006
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To overcome completely and greatly, without the hint that much effort was used.
The Undertaker could destroy HHH
by Gumba Gumba April 8, 2004
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To eat something abnoxiously.
I am destroying a pack of twinkies.
by chiefola March 27, 2005
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1. To utterly obliterate someone online

2. To kill an Emo using a razor
I will destroy your soul, with my vegence stick(used during Halo 2 with sword)

I totally destroyed that whiny emo.
by Reaperofsorts August 1, 2006
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The point where you are so fed up with your high-speed computer being stupidly slow because of all the viruses you've picked up, half of them being virus-stoppers themselves, that your anger bursts and you ultimately DESTROY your computer's monitor, and kick the computer section underneath to death.

Friend: "What's wrong?"

Friend at computer: "My computer's being TOO F-ING SLOW!!!"

Friend: "Why don't you walk away?"

Friend at computer: "BECAUSE IT'S TOO F-ING SLOW!!!"

Friend: "???"

Friend at computer: "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! ARGH!!!"

Friend: "Dude, calm down."

Friend at computer: (looking insane)"Must... destroy... AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!"
*throw heavy magnet at monitor in frustration, then kicks that crap out of the computer box*
by Jillybean-Jellybean January 17, 2009
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