1. to have an orgasm

2. to copulate

3. to masturbate
He is in his room getting it off.
by Light Joker August 24, 2005
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What a wonderful planet we live on where we can get it off and get it on at the same time.
by B laBelle October 1, 2009
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Get me off means to help someone in the process of cumming
"I want my boyfriend to get me off"
by D_Duncan September 13, 2014
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whatever excites or sexually arouses you
1: this banana gets you off aye babe?
2: yeah baby, it's nice, very nice
by i know how it is March 29, 2011
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when one person or a group of people go and attempt to hit you offline. this is done in several ways as a threat as just white lies or actually disconnecting your internet connection from using a program of some sort. this is normally done to people who have done nothing wrong but little kids are angry online and decide to ruin your connection for however long
*makes fun of kid online on call of duty*
Booter: “ Hey wanna get hit off?”
Guy: “wow really im getting hit off, wow nerd.”
by blissings March 6, 2018
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Throwing something away; discarding something.
Make sure you "get rid off" that suit, it's too old.
get rid off' doesn't make sense in English but mostly peoples use get ridoff.
A very papoular website GetRidOFF.COM on Get RidOFF topic .
dispose of; "Get rid off these old shoes!.

I would tell you to "get rid off" that fruit,
by Gary Cooper G December 15, 2011
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