A boring-like speech given for an extended period of time by a so-called expert in his field for the sole purpose of teaching the audience a subject or valuable lesson.

Sermons are often delivered to the audience by total hypocrites, so please tread with caution.
Examples include:

1. Church sermons by a priest/pastor/preacher

2. Commencement addresses at graduation ceremonies

3. Parents to their children whenever they do something the parents used to do that they now feel is wrong
by Loxi July 23, 2009
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• informal - to give a long or tedious piece of admonition or reproof; a lecture.


first popularized by the unlucky inhabitants and visitors of the CrackShack
It wasn't uncommon at the CrackShack to find JonnyPorno getting drunk, trapping unsuspecting visitors and making them listen to him sermonate.
by MzKittyPr0n October 26, 2009
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Look at that hot Italian guy over there, I bet he has a large Sermone
by NumberOne111 May 12, 2015
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It is a complex oratorical form form with significant differences from religion to religion, denomination to denomination, region to region, and era to era.
Wid one hand He snatched
The sun from its socket,
And the other He clapped across the moon.

(by E.C.L. Adams 1876-1946 and published in 1928.)
by Kimberly Vaught July 8, 2004
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1. Writing a Sermon, or simply preparing for one

2. Actually preaching said Sermon
Ya, today i spent the whole day sermonizing in the Library for Sunday.


Ya, on Sunday i sermonized the bejesus out of my Church!
by Preacher McPreacher August 12, 2009
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This is the preaching of a naive, but self-righteous person who thinks that they know more about life than others.
The sophomore was child sermonizing about worldwide ills in a way that would be laughable, if not so obnoxious!
by I, Wreckerrr October 20, 2016
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Matthew chapters 5-7.

Where Jesus said many important and incredible things, like: "if someone takes your cloak, give them your tunic also," "be the salt and light of the earth," don't boast when you give to the poor and don't pursue revenge--etc, etc.
e.g. "Mother Teresa really took the sermon on the mount seriously."
by Truthseekernumberthree February 17, 2013
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