The only acceptable place to eat at when it's five in the morning and you're drunk and you just want to eat a sandwich and get into fights with other patrons for throwing snot rags on your table
by EYE HOP April 13, 2003
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IHOP is a place where one can get breakfast for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, or even breakfast for dinner. What more could someone ask for? Anybody who does not order breakfast at IHOP fails.
"Let's go to IHOP for breakfast"
"But its 6:00 p.m."
"I know"
"I'll just get a salad"
by Michael Korsgaden May 30, 2008
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Where men/women take their one night stands if they decided too late that their date is someone they would like to see again.
*wake up from drunken stupor*
"Hey babe, I thought we could grab a bite to eat, at IHOP..."
by He, keeper of the Bro Code January 13, 2014
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Not sure if everyone's just from the states, because here in Canada the IHOP restaurants are an absolute ripoff and scam!

A typical breakfast meal for four can cost you well over $150. Just one ordinary omelette costs $34. Five run-of-the-mill pancakes costs $18.

Excuse me but wtf!?!???

Just go read the Google Maps reviews for IHOP in the Niagara Falls region and you can see the countless reviews and pictures of the food. The quality is really nothing special, subpar even. And the portions are small.

There are plenty of other great brunch places in Canada, both local and large franchises, that serve better tasting food for MUCH less.

IHOP? More like I AVOID!
Him: Wanna go to IHOP?
Her: Sure! I could totally use some pancakes rn

Meanwhile in Canada....

Guy 1: BRO! I just got robbed by IHOP!
Guy 2: Oh no how much did you lose?
Guy 1: Over 150!! The food looked so sad, was like as if they microwaved it, and they didn't even give us bacon with our eggs
Guy 2: That sucks man, sounds like the worst brunch place ever.
by UwUltimateDoge September 7, 2022
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