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A quick way of saying hello.
Jim: Hello Bob.
Bob: Hi Jim.
by Mat April 19, 2005

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a mans best friend
"man the site has free porn"
by mat February 13, 2004

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nig nog is a seasonal beverage that consists of 2 parts egg nog, and 3 parts schlitz malt liquor.
"damn nickel, your breath smell like nig nog!"
by mat November 14, 2004

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it's this awesome board with wheels connected to it... the best invention ever... if i didn't waste all my energy skating today i'd be out skating right now... fuck all those poseurs who think that skateboarding is easy or those dickheads that hate skating... you guys are teh suxx0r
skateboards are the coolest... i can almost hurricane (FS 180 fakie feeble) and tailslide
by mat July 02, 2004

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a forced labor camp in which poor people are forced to complete useless tasks at the beckoning of five bazillion bosses each having they're own stupid idosynchrocies.
"hey man wutz up? Jus goin to work. Where? Kro-er..hell."
by mat April 01, 2003

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The state that anyone who looks down on another country, race, sex or human being lives in.
"Americans are all fat, stupid and arrogant."
"English people have bad teeh and we saved them in WW2!"
"I hate chinese people."
by Mat November 09, 2003

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A condemned prisoner of a Nazi death camp in World War II. Deemed unfit to work, women, young children, and old men were sent to be executed and burned. You didn't want to be a muselman.
The old man who broke his arm was selected by an SS doctor to be a muselman.
by mat November 03, 2004

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