A South African term used to describe someone as crazy or stupid
Cleo: Lets climb a mountain

Erica: you must be jus if you think I'm going to do exercise
by Shawnmendeswife July 6, 2018
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A general feeling or vibe, usually negative (bad ju-ju). Can be used in reference to karma, etc.
I'm getting some bad ju-ju from that cop. I think he's going to arrest me.
I'm not surprised I broke my arm; I've still got some bad ju-ju from that time I hacked xyz.com.
by VAKI5 May 8, 2005
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man i did bad on that test you put the ju ju on me
by popbaby1 February 6, 2005
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another form or word for karma.
If you are rude to that person you'll have bad ju ju heading your way.
by Hanny Empire May 11, 2008
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Used to describe big muscular men.

Often used to praise men who go to the gym and are trying to gain muscle.
“Yo Mr Zhou, your muscles are huge! What a Ju Ju!”

“Look! It’s a Ju Ju!”
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A dog that has no balls so it licks his dick all day.
My JU JU is so cute
by Game mode 0 September 13, 2016
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