the name for the girl that you see brightening everyones day. the girl that sees someone crying that she doesnt even know and does her best to make them feel better. the girl that has the most amazing personality you have ever seen considering what has happened in her life. the girl any guy would be lucky to even get a smile from her because her love is worth more than what they can ever imagine. the girl that cries for others pain and celebrates others joy. the girl who puts her emotions aside until everyone elses is in order. the girl who will be one of the best friends you can ever have.
by thisoneweirdchick;) August 9, 2012
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Illegal copy of movie/cd (usually before the dvd/cd hit the stores) sold on the street.
Mark : hey! I bought a $5 copy of The Simpsons which is on the theater now!!!
Rick : Silver sellers are just a bunch of criminals who make money from P2P.
Mark : I've watched the movie, quality is crap!
Rick : Silvers as usual!
by ELCouz October 5, 2007
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To have a completely sober event, day, etc.
Dan: I got so wasted on Halloween.
Tricia: Really? My night was completely silver.
by cathybot November 6, 2007
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I wouldn't trust her if I were you. She's a silver, I'm telling you!
by LaDeena June 3, 2006
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Someone who is characterized by their whorish sexual endeavour. In other words, is a slut.
-That girl had sex with 40 guys.
-Yeah, she is a silver.
by You don't know! May 28, 2010
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Along same lines as 'gold' as in 'hahaha snap, that's gold!' but just a little but gay.
Anthony: "Like, OMG, I just LOVE those hotpants, they are sooooo silver".
by cubiq space girl September 10, 2007
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urban- (noun)
A graffito done primarily in silver, or black and silver.
Chaka did another silver.
by Reactor July 8, 2004
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