37 definitions by Mat

1: an ejaculation achived after meaningless sex lacking that feel good afterglow.

2: a sudden burst of depression.

3: a band from an epsoide of the simpsons.

4: achieving an orgasm while sad or depressed.
When i listen to to much pop music i have a sadgasm.
by Mat May 17, 2008
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A condemned prisoner of a Nazi death camp in World War II. Deemed unfit to work, women, young children, and old men were sent to be executed and burned. You didn't want to be a muselman.
The old man who broke his arm was selected by an SS doctor to be a muselman.
by Mat November 03, 2004
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Describes a person who rarely gets exposed to sunlight, thus making their skin somewhat lighter than the average person.
Balfa7<NuBeas> and InSaNe<NuBeas> play on their computer all day, they're such palefaces.
by Mat December 31, 2004
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A friggen retard. One who is most likely dumb, and scrawny.
Pasty. He is scrawny, and friggen retarded.
by Mat April 01, 2003
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nig nog is a seasonal beverage that consists of 2 parts egg nog, and 3 parts schlitz malt liquor.
"damn nickel, your breath smell like nig nog!"
by Mat November 14, 2004
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Nyssa is real hot
Wow, look its Nyssa!
by Mat December 22, 2003
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Huge hip hop/ rnb star Raghav.
You see that girl there? Yeh who she look for? - A Raghav she look for, but what about me and u? - Me dunno!
by Mat October 27, 2004
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