they’ll tell you how great and magnificent china is, and the western countries are no match to china, illegally (most “western” websites are banned in china)
chinese people on twitter: china is the greatest country on earth. the united states are no match for our good country.
twitter in china: banned*
by February 26, 2022
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Chinese people, the game, is a made up term meant to confuse people who don't know what it means when in reality no one really knows what it means. Some have speculated Chinese People is code for sex, but the actual meaning of Chinese People originated from the confusion of the term "Chinese fire drill" being used in an incorrect context and the term became an inside joke among some friends. Now, to confuse people, we refer to the game Chinese People as a dumb joke for fun.
"I am so sad that Sally didn't wanna play Chinese People with me. She said I was bad at it and it made me feel very insecure."
by Big Booty Killa 1273 May 4, 2022
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