A hell of a lot of said thing, but still a slight over exaggeration as to the actual amount.
I worked like a bazillion hours this week... by a bazillion I mean 20
by mchannah February 8, 2009
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A bazillion marbles could be hundreds to thousands.
A bazillion gunshot wounds could be twelve or thirteen.
by Chuckage August 29, 2005
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More than a million and billion. A figure of speech describing more of "something" than is imaginable.
Tony Robbins made a bazillion dollars because of all the schmucks that attended his lectures.
by megatron5150 April 4, 2005
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somewhere between 1 and 9
"man it's only 8 o'clock, lunch time is about a bazillion hours away"
by lysdexiargh September 12, 2008
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The weapons used in the Bayonetta videogame. Unlocked after beating the game on Hard difficulty.

Also used to describe a situation when you see a very very large number of something.
by AntiAnon May 1, 2011
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I want to give Steven Gantt, star of Showtime's "Gigolos", a bazillion kisses, and then a bazillion more!
by Kimangel3636 January 20, 2012
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by Avisha June 18, 2011
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