Together with prejudice, the currency of the modern world
by sure October 22, 2003
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Unfortunately, the youth of today choose ignorance as a "Badge of Courage."
by Knowledge October 21, 2003
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It's like a blindfolded man sitting in broad daylight saying "I love the dark" and swatting anyone who tries to take the damned thing off.
You believe that the evening news is actually news? Wow, some ignorance.
by Shadow Creator January 1, 2008
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"Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise" is a saying of which most people know only three words. Taken out of context as they are, these seem to promote willful ignorance in all matters, yet are often taken as absolute truth.
by I like wisdom May 25, 2004
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The state that anyone who looks down on another country, race, sex or human being lives in.
"Americans are all fat, stupid and arrogant."
"English people have bad teeh and we saved them in WW2!"
"I hate chinese people."
by Mat November 9, 2003
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The state in which the United States today is in; extreme unawareness about the world around you and the history of it. Ignorance people are usually proud of people ignorant, one of the saddest things that our pathetic world has acomplished.
Fag: I'm ignorant!! YUSSSS! ignorance is the shieett!
Cool person: Loser. ignorance isn't something to be proud of.
by REBECCCCAAAA October 13, 2005
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Foley has displayed a large amount of ignorance during lockdown
by kanskak May 31, 2020
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