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Contrary to popular belief, we are educated, civil, friendly people. Yeah there are some who always make the headlines for being fucked up and in gangs. That is not most of us. I like poor people better than rich people because most of the rich people I know are snotty and don't talk to you unless you have the right designers. I was enrolled at a fancy prep school on scholarship for two years, and it was horrible. A girl was ridiculed for having the 'right' 200 dollar jeans, but she wore them too often, and that was considered poor. Some of them would laugh and give themselves joke makeovers to make them look like 'dirty Mexicans' (their words) for fun.

My friend went to the mall with me and her mom dropped us off at the mall with 'just a couple hundred dollars'. She bought a 400 dollar designer dress with the money, then started crying and yelling when her mom wouldn't let her buy the matching 200 dollar shoes. I was like wtf!!

On the other hand, when I went home, I would chill with all my neighbors and friends. it was more normal. Guys went out with you for the way you looked and acted, not just the labels on your clothes. We would go to Payless and put stuff on hold for when we could afford them, and it was never a big deal. Somehow I think that if you don't have money, you are generally happier, because you accept what you have and what you don't have, and that's not an issue when you're hanging out with your friends and shit. You chill with them, go get food, whatever, but it's so much realer where I live than the gated communities where other people live, and go shopping at elite designer boutiques to show off for fun.
Poor people are awesome! Just ask anyone in the Meadowbrook Apartments in San Diego woot!!
by Angelacia May 29, 2007
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people who get foodstamps and live off ssi checks. They cannot live independently or support themselves because they are either lazy or just plain stupid. They will never be able to afford the luxuries other people do. Like a nice car or house. They usually grew up this way and its passed down from generation to generation. They like to get angry at people with money and opportunities.
Poor people live off mac n cheese and kool aid
Rich eat Lobsters and go to the finest restaraunts.

Poor people dont drive or drive a jalopy.
Rich people drive Mercedes BMW's and Lexus.

Poor people usually have lived their lives in sub standard conditions.
Rich people usually either were born into money or came into it and can afford to live wherever they choose.

Poor people have nothing in the bank. They make under 20 g a year and rich people make 100'000's to millions.
by Nieg September 01, 2007
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pronunciation: pOOr-pEEoOple

definition: people who are really poor.
Those are some poor-people
by poor-people June 01, 2018
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Lower than Dog shit. Lazy people that got fucked life because they listened to everyone and didn’t think for themselves. Usually will vote any politician who will give them free stuff without actually working Like healthcare or free college tuition. You can identify them because they way they Dress, looks and smells like shit or weed and body odor. Waste their money on stupid shit like Taco Bell instead of investing it. Uses government assistant money for junk food and subscription to Netflix And Apple. Poor people Makes a lot a littledumb fucking decisions like not using protection during sex. And the worst thing is the majority of them are socialist.
by It’s true bitches October 24, 2018
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A group of underpriveleged people who have little to no money. They enjoy eating foods such as waffles, Mr. noodles, and hot dogs because they are cheap. Many can not even afford pumpkins on halloween, and instead buy squash.
poor people conversation:
Boy: what will we be having for dinner mom?
Mom: Mr. noodles
Boy: Again
Mom: Yes, there is a deal 3 packages for 99 cents
Boy: WOW
by Mr.noodles345 August 18, 2009
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Stupid, uneducated fucks with no money.
Soon they start talking everyone understands why they are poor.
by M&M August 26, 2003
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