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an opinion is like an arsehole. everyone has one and as much as you "proper" skaters or "proper" rockers like to thinkt otherwise everyone is entitled to get theres across. if someone wants claim they are something then let them. if someone wants to rip something off then let them. they'll realise eventually. if someone is new to the scene of what you do then help them not fucking criticise them because they do things that others do just because no one else will help them.
"I Think Therefore I Am" - Renê Dêscartes
by Mat April 22, 2004
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The best song eva. As a Somerseter (south west england) I can boast about having the Wurzels. The Beatles of the South West.
Songs like; Combine Harvester, The Blackbird, Drink up thy Zider. See also: Wurzel
"I gotta brand new COmbine Harvester, and i'll give you the key..." --Combine Harvester
by Mat October 11, 2004
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