Wurzel or most commonly spelt Worzel is a word given to the locals of the many farming communities of Southampton. The farmers speak with a strong West Country dialect, which for the most part is inaudible, they also dress like scarecrows.

Southampton is the most hated part of Hampshire. This is because, when attending football away days, they block and clog up the M27 and other roads and motorways with their slow moving combine harvesters and tractors.

The people of Southampton also love attending annual vegetable show as well as horse fairs and caravan showcases. This is down to their high gypsy population.
“Oi loikes my John Deere tractor ize does”. “Letz go to Shirley Warren an count the Polack me lover”.

Ize a right Wurzel ize is and oi loikes sarfharmpton ize does”.
by Ikraam M October 12, 2021
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A wurzel is a long but thin penis. In the german language wurzel means carrot, and we al know the shape of carrots.
Be realistic dude, with a wurzel you can never become a pornstar.
by Nightbreed666 April 29, 2009
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A man who is very handsome, who is very based, and who is epic.

This dude hates minorities and women. He has a huge penis, he is a virgin, but if he were to ever fuck a woman (he wouldn't) with his massive cock, he would fucking split her in half.

He has 188 IQ and is a fucking genius madman.
That guy is a total wurzel, no chance he would be gay.
by FartDickdude69R4PE October 9, 2022
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1) A West Country English slang term for a farmer or otheragricultural worker.

2) Former Lead guitarist of Motorhead.

3)A member of The Wurzels. A long established UK folk band. Renowed as the founders of the infamous scrumpy and weston sound.
"Can you remember at the last wurzel dance- Oo ar Oo ar"
(Adge Cutler from the song 'Combine Harvester' UK number 1 in 1976)
by Black Flag May 28, 2004
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Unfortunately a nickname given to my fellow Saints fans and I by Portsmouth supporters. It derives from the fact that most of us speak with a west country accent and derive from farming stock.

We even have a song mocking our own accents:

I can't read and I can't write
But that don't really matter
I comes down from Southampton
And I can drive a tractor
by Tijuana Tim September 4, 2007
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Rhyming slang: Wurzel Gummage, Dirty Rummage.

To approach of a woman you've just met from the rear, part her arse cheeks and donate a rim-job. This differs from the "Direct approach" where the woman lies back with her feet over her shoulders presenting her arse hole to the Rimmer, thus negating the need to rummage around looking for it.
Check her out! would you wurzel it?
by XXXBOSC July 10, 2011
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A Wurzel is a Supporter of Southampton Football Club, It’s usually used in a derogatory sense by People from Portsmouth to describe Southampton Fans, People in Southampton are known as Wurzels due to speaking with The West Country Accent.
"Danny Ings is a Wurzel"
by Paul Foxton July 26, 2021
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