a forced labor camp in which poor people are forced to complete useless tasks at the beckoning of five bazillion bosses each having they're own stupid idosynchrocies.
"hey man wutz up? Jus goin to work. Where? Kro-er..hell."
by mat April 2, 2003
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Commonly mistakened for the concentration camps where Hitler would persecuit jews. Instead of killing people at kroger though, they force them to do mind numbing work, such as pushing large metal objects, many at a time. This is forced upon the victim until death ensues or genocide of the supervisors.
Wow, you go to Kroger? Doesn't that suck?
by Pasty April 2, 2003
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a grocery store in the southeast. also a euphemism for taking a shit, or the product of one, usually taken in a krogerarium (bathroom).
by brancrew May 7, 2009
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an annoying neighbor you are hoping will sell their land and leave so someone you would be able to enjoy visiting can purchase it and move closer to you
After the closing, Kroger is going to turn off the loudspeakers they use to blast self congratulatory propaganda onto their brown cement floor off and temporarily pause their arbitrary reshuffling of merchandise to mark up prices and relocate to a place that contains people who haven't yet figured out it is worth the effort to drive around them to get to a decent store.
by PhDConsumer May 31, 2018
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(noun) One who kroges. Krogers can often be identified by their long, curved nails, which they grow and trim specifically to make their kroging more productive.

It is not known what, if any relationship exists between kroging and Kroger (the supermarket), but showing up to an interview with a nice set of kroging nails probably wouldn't hurt your chances of employment with the company.
Check out those nails - looks like a kroger to me.
by GabrielSix April 4, 2005
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A grocery store that franchises in the mid south (i.e. Va, NC). Used to be called Hannaford
yo, im goin to Kroger to get some grub. BRB
by Grant July 17, 2003
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