106 definition by Martin

A Computer's power supply. Stands for Power Supply Unit or just Power Supply.
QTec make crappy PSUs and Enermax make l33t ones.
by Martin January 13, 2005

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Cover My Ass. Used when you choose the safe tactic. May also be said when you have done something wrong and dont want to take the fall for it.
I am working according to the CMA tactic!
by Martin January 31, 2004

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Ersin is the father of all Turks. He made the first Plane from the wet papers. And designed the operating system named kondor.
Ersin invented the modern flight theory.
by martin December 16, 2004

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Nu-Metal band of the 90s - 00s. Sometiomes mistaken for Black Metal or Other genres, usually by critics. All the fans know its Nu-Metal. They have 3 albums, another on its way. 9 Members.
I Went to see Slipknot
by Martin March 08, 2004

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a 96mm skateboard controlled with your fingers, very fun if you cant afford a real board.
I can ollie 9cm with my finger board.
by Martin October 20, 2003

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1) A degoratory term used to describe an undercover cop
2) An uncircumsized(sp) penis
3) A delicious snack consisting of cocktail-weiners wrapped in some type of roll
1 - Damn David! That was close! You almost bought weed from that pig in a blanket. That woulda sucked!!!

2 - Look at that guy... he has a pig in a blanket... HAR HAR HAR!!!

3 - SAY BITCH, Go make me some mo' pig's in a blanket
by Martin March 16, 2005

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A big dinosaur that was scary and toothful.
I saw a dinosaurus rex and I nearly crapped myself
by Martin June 11, 2004

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