A Computer's power supply. Stands for Power Supply Unit or just Power Supply.
QTec make crappy PSUs and Enermax make l33t ones.
by Martin January 13, 2005
Pedophile State University -- formerly Pennsylvania State University. Large educational institution known for the alleged aiding and abetting of alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky, who used access to PSU as the carrot to his alleged carnival of rape and molestation. Legendary coach Joe Paterno, who managed to hide the grand jury investigation until he finally achieve the all-time record for college football wins, ended up being fired in shame after getting Sanduskied.
Recruit's mom: Dear, who were those men speaking to you after you scored four touchdowns against Polk High?

Recruit: Those coaches were from PSU. They were creepy. But what else can you expect from Pedophile State? They said they had group showers and first rate chiropractors.

Sanduskied Paternoed
by silentmajority November 15, 2011
The username (which stands for his initials, Paul S. Underwood) of a member on VWVortex that is well known for his OEM+ Volkswagen .:R32 on Corvette Sawblades. He has acquired a large audience of nut-swingers and haters. He is also known as a "white Rick Ross" because of his shaved head, bushy beard, and boss-like swag.
Oh, I see you PSU-ed your engine bay by tucking wires and deleting brackets. It looks good. :thumbup:
by KIDVersion1 September 18, 2011
Stands for Phantasy Star Universe. This is the latest MMORPG from Sonic Team, the creators of PSO, and upon stateside release on October 24th we can only hope it will live up to the awesomeness many fans of the series expect.
by shebang October 17, 2006
(Penn State University)

A college in State College, PA that is home to the Penn State Nittany Lions and JoePA (Joe Paterno), and of course the flipping drum major. Penn State is the most amazing college on the face of the Planet.
Tom: Where did you go to college?

Tim: PSU

Tom: No way, i love PSU

Tim: Who doesn't?
by kidfromPA June 7, 2009
The only place full of whores, while not being a strip joint.
by Kirill January 11, 2004
Penn State University - located in State College, PA. Also Orange Bowl winners. Full of hot bitches and male whores.
I need an abortion after I visited PSU last weekend.
by Sometimes I like to dream July 14, 2006