To get extremely into something. Usually used in the contex of doing something however can include being used as an adjective to show extreme intensity.
I went so hardcore at the chicken last night it was great!
by GingerRepresent March 11, 2015
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This girl just spend a year train-hopping around the country surving only on dumpster-dived food and clothing. She was pretty damn hardcore.
by Sooper! June 9, 2002
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There was a time when hardcore was more than music, it was a movement. Anyone, regardless of how well they could play an instrument could express themselves musically in ways too agressive, too brutal and in most circumstances too honest for even edgy mainstream music. It was a time when bands were willing to push the envelope while breaking all the rules, and didn't let the fact that they had to do it all by themselves stop them. True hardcore is an unstopable messege, totally seperate from the countless trends (from Bleached hair to Girl Jeans) that have come and gone. It's going to a show with 9 kids or 1000 kids who are perfect strangers or your best friends, and knowing that everyone in the room with a soul is compelled with the same unmatched intensity, to "think how they want to think", to "do what they know is right" to "be what they want to be" and never let anyone even think they can stop them.

I think over the years we've all gotten spoiled to the point where we don't care about much more than what we have, how many "babes we can slay" (if you're a dude) and above all else, our social status. People get so caught up in that shit that they can't undertand the value of something that doesn't provide any material benefit or make them appear special in whatever way, yet it has the capacity to empower every kid to live life to the fullest, be his/herself and have a shit-ton of fun in the process.
I think it's unfortunate that people these days pick out all the trappings of hardcore, the fashion trends, the image (there are tons of images) and limit hardcore to just that, since it suits their superficial way that they approach the world. It makes about as much sense as taking the pickles off of a big mac and calling them hamburgers (i mean if you really like pickles.) I hope this definition helps people reexamine the way they think about hardcore, and spread the word to people who don't know any better.
by Matt Moore June 25, 2006
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Hardcore is three things actually! 1: someone extreme or fanatical in behaviour or belief. 2: An extreme form of punk rock characterised by shouty vocals usually containing swear words which enables angry people to let off steam. 3: A fast form of electronic dance music which makes angry people happy. A.K.A. 'Happy Hardcore'.
'He got really angry with me cos he's hardcore in his belief that hardcore is only one type of music!'
by Lodestone September 14, 2009
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A branch of underground/indie music influenced by faster abrasive punk rock. Originating in the early 80’s as a variant of punk rock, hardcore evolved to a modern sound that can be compared to non commercial metal. The constant themes range from Straight Edge, to Politics, to Positive and Negative.

Bands range from Minor Threat from the 80’s to One Fifth, or Unearth of today.
by Jay January 22, 2003
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Short for hardcore punk that started in the late 70's with bands such as Black Flag and Bad Brains and in the early 80's with Minor Threat, Negative FX, Negative Approach, SSD, JFA, 7 Seconds ect. It is a music genre that is based off of a DIY (do it yourself) community. It was and will always be against the ethics of the mainstream music business to keep the music pure and away from profit which corrupts everything. Alot of people think hardcore died in the 80's but there has been alot of bands that have came and gone over the years that still continued the same diy approach along with musical styles.

currently hardcore punk is still going on in an underground DIY community all around the world with bands such as Get The Most, Rotting Out, Government Warning, Trash Talk, Ceremony, Miles Away, Paint It Black, Psyched To Die, Bracewar, Ruiner, Killing The Dream ect. Although the mainstream community have attempted to market there own version of hardcore bands through the media like Attack Attack, I See Stars, The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me The Horizon ect. It will never really be part of the real hardcore scene going on, or sound like it.
listen to a current hardcore band like Rotting Out

or a old hardcore band like Gorilla Biscuits
by letsstartarevolutiontoday January 5, 2010
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1) Can act as a modifier for a word or phrase, making it more severe.
2) When used alone, used to denote something noteworthy, like saying "awesome" or "rad".
1) That was hardcore wicked, man.
2) Hardcore, bro. Hardcore.
by MoonKnight November 30, 2002
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