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A word to be used in many contexts.
Founded in the film "Dude wheres my car" and is also a name of a company,
Shibby can also be a word that is moulded to your own approval in appropriate situations.
"I think we need to cut back on the shibbying" - Dude wheres my car.
From this quote, we can see 'shibby' means, quite literally, wasted.

DEFINITION ONE - Shibbying = partying
Shibby = wasted
Shibby = cool, great etc.


Shibby is also a term for attractiveness, and as a rating.
Eg - "Shibby!"
"Not shibby... :( "

If someone is hot, they are shibby

by p April 26, 2004
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(1) An adjective used to describe something cool or being in the state of coolness
(2) A noun meaning something cool
(3) An interjection used in the presence of something cool
1a. I found a shibby playground in the city.
1b. Jesse and Chester are shibby at the moment.
2. Leave your shibby at the beep.
3. Shibby! I found some jelly beans!
by Zack November 12, 2003
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a replacement word for anything cool, spiffy, or funky..
that is so SHIBBY
by ShnyThingsAmusMe November 11, 2003
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Amanda: That shirt is shibby!
Tyler: Shibby is my word, bitch!
Amanda: ::cries::
by donotello August 17, 2005
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a word to discribe any great moment. its like saying Awesome,Great,Nice!, can be used in place of any positive word.
P1:dude i won tickets!
by jude-e December 04, 2001
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means cool

in japanese its "shibui" so....yea....thats prolly it
by Jack October 21, 2003
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