106 definition by Martin

A big dinosaur that was scary and toothful.
I saw a dinosaurus rex and I nearly crapped myself
by Martin June 11, 2004

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Used to expand a phrase, meaning a devastating experience of epic proportions from which nothing is salvageable.
1. What an atomic waste of time!
2. George just got an atomic wedgie.
by Martin December 15, 2003

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City of Hopewell Junction, New York. Not even a city...a town? Closer. Maybe a village, a hamlet, a one horse town. Maybe two horses in a stretch.

Not as cool as Po-town.
"Hey, what's that dot on the map?"
"Oh, that's Hopey J."
by Martin December 30, 2004

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originated in kent(England) in the Faversahm Herne Bay area. can also be shortened to 'Fo Mo'. Has two meanings one as a mild insult instead of Mo Fo and the latter, a version of the hokey kokey involving jazz hands and wiggling of hips.
jemma you fo mo!!!!
yo, fo mo!
i hate him he's such a fo mo,
lets do the fokey mokey you fo mo,
by Martin March 29, 2005

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A rude sexually promiscuous young lady
A very very very filthy girl
Kathy Fear
That Kathy Fear is a real Slutzenberger
Check out that girl in the Santa costume - she's a real Slutzenberger!
by Martin December 11, 2004

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Bread since 1876.
Warburton's is one of the UK's leading bread manufacturers. Making lines such as 'Danish', 'Seeded Batch' and 'Xtra Thick Sliced White Bread'
I love danish bread by Warby!
by Martin March 21, 2005

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Someone who grabs loot which he/she has not won during a raid.
Doup won the loot, but that bastard Kerb ninja looted it.
by Martin January 28, 2005

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