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A Computer's power supply. Stands for Power Supply Unit or just Power Supply.
QTec make crappy PSUs and Enermax make l33t ones.
by Martin January 13, 2005
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One of those things they put in between each urinal in a lot of gents public toilets so there is no peeking.
Thank God there's a cockblock there, Steely was trying to look at my package.
by Martin September 24, 2003
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Lanky fucker wae fucked up hair but brags about his small man hood
by Martin January 14, 2005
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the word fally means flat belly. when someone lies on thir back there belly goes flat. therefore being called a fally.
geourge has a fally
by Martin September 12, 2004
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Cover My Ass. Used when you choose the safe tactic. May also be said when you have done something wrong and dont want to take the fall for it.
by Martin February 1, 2004
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