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Girl: What is that funny looking thing on the wall in the men's bathroom?

Guy: That's a urinal.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
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1) A sink like, usually porcelein, object mounted against a wall with a knob to flush ontop. Only found in bathrooms for men. Occasionally you'll stumble across a new-age urinal that flushes when the motion sensor detects you aren't there.

2) The place to put a chocolate cake.


Girl: What the fuck is that?
Boy: Urinal. It keeps me from peeing on your face.


Dude: Check out that urinal. Its so clean and new.

Dude Deux: ...You're right. Lets buy a chocolate cake and stuff it in there.

Dude: Cool I'll bring my camera.
by ihumpmarinesforbreakfast July 01, 2005
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a urinal is like a toilet, but it hangs off the wall and you piss into it. Urinals are a regular place for drug addicts and sick weird perverting individuals to meet up and do all sorts of gross things to each other or to themselves.
jonnie: why does ryan allways hang around the urinals?
me: probably either to shoot up or to get nasty with perverts.
by abode July 04, 2008
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A porcelain object often found mounted on the sides of public buildings in Italy.
Luigi stepped up to the urinal and took a whiz while the crowd kept walking behind him.
by The Wog Whomper May 04, 2005
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A sink which they squirt into.
A-what are those sinks that u squirt into called?
C-they are different than one washes their hands in them
by lalala February 20, 2005
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used in the mens room to wash feet
coach said "we have 10 new urinal use them to wash your feet use the sink to wash your dicks"
We all asked why coach??, He said " your dicks are not long enough yet to wash them in the urinal's"...
by itichie_nocanpo October 29, 2006
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