106 definition by Martin

originated in kent(England) in the Faversahm Herne Bay area. can also be shortened to 'Fo Mo'. Has two meanings one as a mild insult instead of Mo Fo and the latter, a version of the hokey kokey involving jazz hands and wiggling of hips.
jemma you fo mo!!!!
yo, fo mo!
i hate him he's such a fo mo,
lets do the fokey mokey you fo mo,
by Martin March 29, 2005

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Someone who grabs loot which he/she has not won during a raid.
Doup won the loot, but that bastard Kerb ninja looted it.
by Martin January 28, 2005

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A rude sexually promiscuous young lady
A very very very filthy girl
Kathy Fear
That Kathy Fear is a real Slutzenberger
Check out that girl in the Santa costume - she's a real Slutzenberger!
by Martin December 11, 2004

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a combination of one part douchebag and two parts ass jockey. This lovely fellow however takes boths terms one step further and merging them. Not only does he love the mudslide he can ride from a man's asshole, he also feels it's his duty and thinks he's fucking Ranger Ride My Pie Hole You Douche. This man truly sucks and should be dicked repeatdly in the balls on sight.
"Yea alright COCKRANGER, i'm not the one hunting pie hole like it's buffalo and your an Indian, touch me again and I'll introduce you to a choke slam."
by Martin November 19, 2004

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Swedish word for snot that's rolled or rolled in something; a roll of snot. Sometimes incorrectly written as two words, i.e. "snor rulle" - Swedish people don't know their grammar.
- Öj, vad är det du äter?
((What's that you're eating?))
- Det är min snorrulle.
((It's my roll of snot.))
by Martin October 05, 2004

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An expansion of the word "bizzsnatch", courtesy of Snoop D-O-double Gizzle
"No, you're a bizzlesnatch"
by Martin February 08, 2003

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Of or Relating To Christopher Pratt.

Adjective used to describe an action which he would do.
Collecting those is so Chris Prattish
You eat so Prattish
by Martin June 08, 2004

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