Host: Ladies and Gents, I welcome you to today's show!

by dhjdhdnndnsnd June 2, 2010
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is a gang from chicago and will kill every fucking gang bitch.

sdk, viking killa,king kill
almighty harrison gents nation
come threw niggas ya get stomp
by juluis January 27, 2005
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slang term for genitalia; scrotum and/or shaft; balls
trent grabbed me by my gents and i almost passed up
by Donzell March 10, 2006
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Used to describe something as so motherfucking.
"I heard you got in a car wreck"
"Yea it was gents"
"Did you get wasted last night?"
"Yea,this morning I had a hangover,it was gents!"
by Nickkkk and his crew nigga! April 12, 2008
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A term used by 'gentlemen' to describe/cover up ungentlemanly (normally seedy) behaviour.

Can also be used as a verb - to gent
Wife - "you better not be going to that 24 hour massage parlour again!"
Husband - "of course not dear I'm just off genting."

I'm just off for a gent
by Fayebee December 28, 2015
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Just an absolute sound cunt. Always the kings of the party, keeps everything going, dances their socks off and everyone thinks they are hilarious. A complete shagger and most importantly supports Celtic. Also drinks Gentfast (first cousin of Buckfast)
‘Who’s that fit legend in the Celtic jersey, he’s obviously a complete GENT

Scott Brown is a complete Gent
by Board of Gents June 16, 2020
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1. to make a common mistake, 2. enthusiasm preventing accuracy
I gented
He/she gented
You gented
by blizz May 3, 2003
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