106 definition by Martin

a guy who plays Pokemon on his mobile phone when he has a super computer and gets shouted at by Chakra
you daft cunt bubbling, donkey raping, bus hijacking, jockey faced fucktard, porn star stalking, cock slave, ass clown, noob feaces, ass clown motherfucker.. arse bandit, bitch slapping, shit faced cock sucking, dick wad
by Martin February 09, 2005

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a fist-on-fist greeting, front-to-front as if each person is punching each other on the hand
He gave me a dap when we greeted
by martin April 03, 2005

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A feat to be accomplished, a goal.
"Putt for the butterstick" i.e. Try to make the putt...
by Martin September 09, 2003

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it means good or wicked
damn that film was ripple
by martin March 01, 2005

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Standard response to ahoy
Ahoy hoy
by Martin December 10, 2002

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A retarded person, or someone that does something very dumb.
Look at that rennie over there.
by martin July 05, 2003

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In British prison slang, china means friend. It is short for 'china plate' which rhymes with mate.
This uncomplicated style of rhyme slang has characterized prison slang for years.
Billy and I go way back, he's a real china.
by martin March 22, 2005

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